Recent Teaching

Condensed Matter theory (B)

Introduction to C. N. Yang's Selected Works

General Physics I (Fall 2023-2024).

General Physics II (Spring 2023).

Condensed Matter theory (A)

General Physics I (Fall 2022-2023).

Group Theoretical Method (Physics 220, Spring 2019-2020).

Integrable method and conformal field theory in condensed matter physics (Physics 239: Special topics Fall 2019)

Group Theory (II) (Physics 239 - special topics, Spring 2018-2019).

Solid State (II) (Physics 211B, Winter 2018-2019).

Group Theoretical Method (Physics 220, Fall 2018-2019).

Advanced Condensed Matter Theory (Physics 230, Spring 2017-2018).

Classical Mechanics (Physics 110A, Winter 2017-2018).

Physics 217 (Fall 2017-2018).

Advanced Condensed Matter theory (Physics 230, Spring 2016-2017).

Solid State Physics (I) (Physics 211A, Fall 2016-2017).

Advanced Condensed Matter theory (Physics 230, Spring 2015-2016).

Classical Mechanics (Physics 110B, Winter 2015-2016).

Advanced Condensed Matter theory (Physics 230, Spring 2014-2015).

Physics 217 (Spring 2013-2014).

Physics 212B (Winter 2013-2014).

Physics 212A (Fall 2013-2014).

Physics 4D (Winter 2011-2012).

Electromagnetism (Physics 100B, Winter 2011-2012).

Electromagnetism (Physics 100A, Fall 2011-2012).

Electromagnetism (Physics 100B, Winter 2010-2011).

Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics (Physics 152A, Winter 2010-2011).

Other teaching materials.

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