Classical literature reading

  1. Anderson, P. W.
    More is different: broken symmetry and the nature of the hierarchical structure of science
    Science, 177(4047), 393-396.
    See pdf file

  2. Congjun Wu
    Electromagnetic way to derive basic relativistic transformations
    arXiv:2209.07466 .

  3. Anderson, P. W., Langacker, P., Mann, A. K.
    Broken Symmetry Can't Compare with Ferromagnets
    Physics Today, 43(5), 117.
    See pdf file

  4. Hooft, G.
    How to become a GOOD Theoretical Physicist
    See link

  5. Andrew Zangwill
    Philip Anderson: Virtuoso of condensed matter
    Physics Today 75, 3, 28 (2022).
    See pdf file

  6. Goodstein, D., Goodstein, J.
    Richard Feynman and the History of Superconductivity
    Physics in Perspective, 2(1), 30-47.
    See pdf file

  7. Rabi, I. I., Code, R. F.
    Stories from the early days of quantum mechanics
    Physics Today, 59(8), 36.
    See pdf file

  8. Weinberg, S.
    Four golden lessons
    Nature, 426(6965), 389-389.
    See pdf file

  9. Lifshitz, E. M.
    Lev Davidovich Landau(1908-68)
    Elsevier. See pdf file

  10. Abrikosov, A. A.
    Recollections of L. D. Landau
    Elsevier. See pdf file

  11. Ioffe, B. L.
    Landau's Theoretical Minimum, Landau's Seminar, ITEP in the Beginning of the 1950's

  12. Fisher, M. P.
    Are We Quantum Computers, or Merely Clever Robots?
    Int. J. Mod. Phys. B, 31(07), 1743001.
    See pdf file

  13. Feynman, R. P., Goodstein, D. L., Goodstein, J. R.
    Feynman's Lost Lecture: The Motion of Planets Around the Sun.
    WW Norton & Company. See pdf file

  14. Arttu Rajantie
    The search for magnetic monopoles
    Physics Today 69, 10, 40 (2016).
    See pdf file

  15. Juan Maldacena
    The symmetry and simplicity of the laws of physics and the Higgs boson

  16. Wigner, E. P.
    The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences
    Mathematics and science (pp. 291-306). See pdf file

  17. Ward-Takahashi identity
    Ward, J. C. , An identity in quantum electrodynamics,
    Physical Review, 78(2), 182,
    See pdf file ;
    Takahashi, Y. , On the generalized ward identity,
    Nuovo Cim 6, 371–375 (1957)
    See pdf file .

  18. Zee, A.
    The effectiveness of mathematics in fundamental physics
    Mathematics and science (pp. 307-323).
    See pdf file

  19. Wang, H.
    Time in philosophy and in physics: From Kant and Einstein to Gödel
    Synthese, 102(2), 215-234.
    See pdf file

  20. Denardo, B. C., Puda, J. J., Larraza, A.
    A water wave analog of the Casimir effect.
    American Journal of Physics, 77(12), 1095-1101.
    See pdf file

  21. Ozturk, S. F., Sasselov, D. D.
    On the Origins of Life's Homochirality: Inducing Enantiomeric Excess with Spin-Polarized Electrons.

  22. Leggett, A. J.
    On the Concept of Spontaneously Broken Gauge Symmetry in Condensed Matter Physics
    Foundations of Physics, VoL 21, No. 3, 1991.
    See pdf file

  23. Leggett, A. J.
    On the Nature of Research in Condensed-State Physics
    Foundations of Physics, Vol. 22, No. 2, 1992.
    See pdf file

  24. Leggett, A. J.
    Nobel Lecture, December 8, 2003. See pdf file

  25. Leggett, A. J.
    Reflections on the past, present and future of condensed matter physics
    Science Bulletin 63 (2018) 1019–1022.
    See pdf file

  26. Leggett, A. J.
    Matchmaking Between Condensed Matter and Quantum Foundations, and Other Stories: My Six Decades in Physics
    Annu. Rev. Condens. Matter Phys. 2020. 11: 1–16.
    See pdf file

  27. Dyson, F.
    Birds and Frogs
    Notices of the AMS, 56(2), 212-223.
    See pdf file

  28. Dyson, F.
    Missed opportunities
    Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, 78(5), 635-652.
    See pdf file

  29. Dyson, F.
    A Conservative revolutionary
    Modern Physics Letters A, 14(22), 1455-1459. See pdf file

  30. Dyson, F.
    Search for artificial stellar sources of infrared radiation
    Science, 131(3414), 1667-1668.
    See pdf file

  31. Baudis, L.
    Probing Majorana Neutrinos
    January 30, 2023, Physics 16, 13
    See pdf file

  32. Rowland, H. A.
    A plea for pure science.
    Science, 2(29), 242-250.
    See pdf file

  33. Hopfield, J. J.
    Physics, Computation, ancll Why Biology Looks so Different
    Journal of Theoretical Biology, 171(1), 53-60.
    See pdf file

  34. Frauenfelder, H., Sligar, S. G., Wolynes, P. G.
    The Energy Landscapes and Motions of Proteins
    Science, 254(5038), 1598-1603.
    See pdf file

  35. Laughlin, R. B., Pines, D., Schmalian, J., Stojković, B. P., Wolynes, P.
    The middle way
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 97(1), 32-37.
    See pdf file

  36. Lisi, A. G., Weatherall, J. O.
    A Geometric Theory of Everything
    Scientific American, 303(6), 54-61.
    See pdf file

  37. Lami, L., Regula, B.
    No second law of entanglement manipulation after all
    Nature Physics, 1-6.
    See pdf file

  38. Lamb, W. E.
    Applied Physics B, 60(2), 77-84.
    See pdf file

  39. “声子”的诞生
    谢梦祥, 任捷
    《物理》, 2022年第12期

  40. 微积术的发现与发展

  41. White, C. D.
    Double copy — from optics to quantum gravity

  42. 朗道学派的那些大将和他们的著作

  43. Sebastian, D
    How Bayes' theorem helped win the second world war
    Towards Data Science

  44. Goldhaber, A. S., Trower, W. P.
    Resource Letter MM‐1: Magnetic monopoles.
    American Journal of Physics, 58(5), 429-439.
    See pdf file

  45. Sakmann, B.
    Sparks in the Brain: The Story of Ion Channels and Nerve Cells
    Fontiers for Young Minds

  46. Atiyah, M.
    Mathematics in the 20th Century.
    The American Mathematical Monthly, 108(7), 654-666.
    See pdf file

  47. Richeson, D. S.
    Why Mathematicians Study Knots
    Quanta magazine

  48. Maxwell, J. C.
    Experiments on Colour, as perceived by the Eye, with Remarks on Colour-Blindness.
    Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 21(2), 275-298.
    See pdf file

  49. Marais, A
    The future of quantum biology
    Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 15(148), 20180640.
    See pdf file

  50. Ozturk, S. F., Sasselov, D. D.
    On the origins of life's homochirality: Inducing enantiomericexcess with spin-polarized electrons
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
    See pdf file

  51. Qi, X. L.
    Does gravity come from quantum information?
    Nature Physics, 14(10), 984-987.
    See pdf file

  52. Bloom, B. P., Waldeck, A. R., Waldeck, D. H.
    Homochirality and chiral-induced spin selectivity: A new spin on the origin of life
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119(34)

  53. Preskill, J.
    The Physics of Quantum Information

  54. Shor, P. W.
    The Early Days of Quantum Computation
    See pdf file

  55. Sethna, J. P.
    Power laws in physics
    Nature Reviews Physics volume 4, pages501–503 (2022)
    See pdf file

  56. West, G. B., Brown, J. H.
    Life’s Universal Scaling Laws
    Physics today, 57(9), 36-43.
    See pdf file

  57. Hopfield, J. J.
    Neural networks and physical systems with emergent collective computational abilities
    Proceedings of the national academy of sciences, 79(8), 2554-2558.
    See pdf file

  58. Gross, D. J.
    The role of symmetry in fundamental physics
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 93(25), 14256-14259.
    See pdf file

  59. Bell, J. S.
    On the Einstein Podolsky Rosen paradox
    Physics Physique Fizika, 1(3), 195.
    See pdf file

  60. Bennett, C. H., Fowler, A. B.
    Rolf W. Landauer 1927-1999: a biographical memoir
    Washington DC: National Academy of Sciences. See pdf file

  61. Landauer, R.
    Minimal energy requirements in communication.
    Science, 272(5270), 1914-1918.
    See pdf file

  62. Heisenberg, W.
    Quantum-theoretical re-interpretation of kinematic and mechanical relations
    Z. Phys, 33, 879-893.
    See pdf file

  63. Eddy, S. R.
    What is Bayesian statistics?
    Nature biotechnology, 22(9), 1177-1178.
    See pdf file

  64. Kevin Hartnett
    A Path Less Taken to the Peak of the Math World.
    Quantamagazine(June 27, 2017)

  65. 杨振宁
    科技文化. See pdf file

  66. 李硕彥
    神奇的模式概率与 “鞅”
    数学经纬. See pdf file

  67. 陈泽晟

  68. 林开亮

  69. 敖平
    大卫·邵勒斯的治学和建树: 纯粹探索凌绝顶
    科学通报 See pdf file

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